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The Best of Being Catholic

By Blog Editor

Kathy Coffey’s newest book, “The Best of Being Catholic” was recently published and is now available.

Best of Being Catholic

In a review of the book, Publisher’s Weekly explains: “While acknowledging the many grave problems within the church, and those caused by it, the author lovingly presents brief vignettes about the people, places, and ideas that have made Catholicism such a rich and dignified religion.”

In the introduction to The Best of Being Catholic, Coffey explains that the “best” of being Catholic will vary for each person:

The Reader’s Role

I enjoy many friends, and Catholics make up part of that delightful, cantankerous, humorous company. There must be a great deal that’s “best” about being Catholic. As with every other exploration, a principle of selection applies.

To the same place or question, we all bring our individual backgrounds, experiences and opinions. One person, for instance, will relish the windswept beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Another, traveling to the same area, will be intrigued with the museum nearby, which celebrates the Wright brothers’ first flight in the Kitty Hawk.

I became interested in the exploration that follows—and hope to draw the reader into it too. The questions after each chapter invite personal investment, and provide prompts for groups reading this book together.

Interested in learning more about The Best of Being Catholic?

The table of contents and first chapter are available on the publisher’s website and you can also order the book there: Orbis Books: The Best of Being Catholic.