The Art of Faith

The Art of FaithThe Art of Faith

“You may not usually see yourself as God’s artwork.  This book invites you to explore that possibility.  It may seem like a stretch, but if you can see God as the principle architect of your life, it adds a marvelous dimension to your faith.”

— From the Introduction


To see the sacred, to see God’s presence, to see the holy in what is otherwise ordinary to us —  that is to see with the eyes of faith. Kathy Coffey believes that as we discover “the art of faith” in precisely this way.

Here she invites readers to see their own lives as unique and priceless works of art.  In forty brief chapters she reflects on the art of faith through the lens of various other arts, such as painting, writing, gardening, weaving, storytelling, yoga, cooking, poetry, and dancing.  Each reflection is accompanied by inspiring quotes for further pondering, as well as insightful questions for reflection and discussion.

This is a beautiful book, one that soars into the spiritual realm of God’s own life — a place where it is highly believable that each of us is a beautiful and unique work of art.

To order The Art of Faith, visit Twenty-Third Publications by clicking on this link: Twenty-Third Publications.  If you would like to hear an interview with Kathy about this book, click on this link: The Art of Faith Interview.

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