Dancing in the Margins

Dancing in the MarginsDancing in the Margins: Meditations for People Who Struggle with Their Churches

“Maybe she is uneasy when good people are persecuted for apparently trivial reasons; maybe he is gay; maybe she groans internally every time she hears exclusive language in church; maybe he is a priest who follows Vatican II guidelines more enthusiastically than his local bishop; maybe she is a minister who has been relegated to an isolated church; maybe he is divorced; maybe she has been fired from a youth ministry position because the kids spent more time serving at the soup kitchen than hearing lectures about premarital sex.  For whatever reasons, they’ve moved to the margins.” — From the book


What People are Saying about Dancing in the Margins:

“Dancing in the Margins is an invitation to reflect on and move through the often heart-breaking experiences that leave people disappointed, discouraged, disoriented, or disillusioned with their churches.  Kathy Coffey’s meditations provide the healing balm of comfort and hope to readers who approach the book with spirits weary.  This book gently discloses possibilities of insight and energy for all who accept its invitation to explore God’s presence.  A wise companion for all who find themselves battered of heart.”  –Patricia O’Connell Killen, PhD

“The dance between scripture and lived experience is exquisite.  The poetry and scriptural reflections are places of prayer.  The narratives connect those meditations to the wounds that send one to the margin where Christ lives.  Kathy Coffey’s ability to bring scripture alive in the heart of her readers is remarkable.”  –Teresa Rhodes McGee

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