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Articles in National Catholic Reporter

Being Catholic Means Finding God at Every Turn
What does it mean to be Catholic? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are Catholics. Is Catholicism a narrow box or a big window? Being Catholic means being steeped in a way of life. It means finding God at every turn. (July 2010)

“Duo’s Music Brings Contagious Cheer”
In bluegrass-folk style, the “kids with beards” have a mission: sharing, promoting and inspiring the arts for those who need them most.(September 2010)

“US Sisters Have Served with Grace and Fidelity”
When the Vatican announced a visitation of the women’s religious communities, it prompted many happy memories of sisters. These aren’t the stories the visitors will hear. But maybe they should.(September 2009)

“Center on Homeowners’ Side”
Welcome signs to Lao Family Community Development are printed in eight languages: Thai, Chinese, Bosnian, Mien, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, English — and that’s just the beginning. This Oakland, Calif., office houses the energy and diversity of Pentecost. The works of mercy are practiced here daily.(September 2009)

 “A Graceful Dance”
There’s an easy accord between Christianity and yoga practice. What common ground do the two traditions share? (June 2009)

Articles in St. Anthony Messenger

“The Feast of All Saints: God’s Glorious Nobodies”

Saints-in-the-Making surround us. Maybe they aren’t the dour rule-followers, but the dazzled delighters. These examples suggest a broader definition than we might have had.(November 2010)

“Saints in the Supermarket”   On the Feast of All Saints, we salute the unsung holy ones. (November 1998)

“Columbine High’s Selfless Heroes”  The stories of Columbine’s heroes rise like a “tide of inspiration.” (July 1999)

Audio of Kathy Coffey

“Spirituality for People Turned Off by Churchy Language”
“We don’t go to an art museum simply to see art on the wall there,” Coffey tells National Catholic Reporter Editor Tom Fox, paraphrasing a Jesuit mentor. “We go to an art museum to be sensitized to beauty everywhere. It is much the same with the church. We don’t go to church simply to find holiness there, but to sensitize us to the holiness that is everywhere.”  Coffey is also suspicious of long meal prayers, clearly are written by adults in libraries who haven’t had hungry kids around the table, with the 16-year-old keeling over with boredom at one end of the table and the two-year-old sticking french fries up her nose at the other.

Interview on The Art of Faith  In this interview, Kathy describes her book based on the theme that we are God’s works of art. How can things we may have taken for granted become arts—like friendship, storytelling, cooking or gardening?

Interview about Vatican II   Kathy discusses the excitement she felt surrounding Vatican II, its personal impact on her, and how Sister Mary Luke Tobin (one of 15 women present at Vatican II) encouraged her work on women and Catholic spirituality.

If you’d like to see resources on Retreats for Catechists, Parents, and RCIA by Kathy, visit this site:

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