Kathy’s Books are listed below, click on the title to learn more about them:

When the Saints Come Marching In

New Release: When The Saints Came Marching in: Exploring the Frontiers of Grace in America

Hidden Women of the Gospels

Hidden Women of the Gospels

God in the Moment: Making Every Day a Prayer

God in the Moment

God Knows Parenting is a Wild Ride

God Knows Parenting is a Wild Ride



The Art of Faith

The Art of Faith

Immersed in the Sacred

Immersed in the Sacred

Dancing in the Margins

Dancing in the Margins

Women of Mercy

Women of Mercy

Baptism and Beyond

Baptism and Beyond Leader’s Guide Catholic Baptism Program

Children and Christian Initiation

Children and Christian Initiation

The Best of Being Catholic

The Best of Being Catholic


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