The Best of Being Catholic

Kathy Coffey’s newest book, The Best of Being Catholic was recently released. In a review of the book, Publisher’s Weekly described it as “a much needed perspective in these contentious times.”

Here are beautiful, simple, profound ideas that few people think about these days when they talk about the Catholic Church. Yet they are truths that make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

They include:

  • Catholicism is a community that remembers Jesus
  • Catholics draw on a rich tradition of spirituality
  • They always have something to celebrate
  • The church is a family
  • It has splendid heroes and heroines
  • It takes staunch stands on peace and justice
  • It has universality

At a time when many Catholics have grown frustrated with their church, The Best of Being Catholic reminds them of the positive values and practices that they will never read about in the daily news.

You can view the table of contents, read the first chapter, and order The Best of Being Catholic at the Publisher’s website: Orbis Books: The Best of Being Catholic

To read reviews of The Best of Being Catholic, visit:

Review by National Federation of Priests’ Councils

Review in Hark Blog (Denver Post)

Review in Spirit & Life

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