Hidden Women of the Gospels

Hidden Women of the Gospels

Ever wonder about the stories, which we can only imagine, of women who lived in Jesus’ day? For instance: the shepherdess who came to Bethlehem, the mother who packed a child’s lunch and watched it multiplied to feed 5,000, the mother of the bride at Cana?  You’ll find those and many more in this best-seller, popular in many Christian denominations…

What People are Saying about Hidden Women of the Gospels:
“A delight of a book!”  –On the Shelf

“Kathy Coffey, with a poet’s use of words, has given women — and all of us — a delightful look at some behind-the-scenes characters from the Gospels.  In so doing she raises some key issues in spirituality, for women especially, and helps all of us to confront the challenge that the gospel message presents.  This is truly a gem of a book.”  — Kathy Finley, author, Dear God: Prayers for Families with Children

“Can a male profit from reading this book?  I have. Its insights prompt understanding and prayer. The feminine perspective is enriching.”  –Jeremy Harrington, publisher, St. Anthony Messenger

“I couldn’t stop reading it. In every hidden woman I met part of myself.”  –Joyce Rupp, author, The Cosmic Dance

“The images pull you right into the stories — fascinating, challenging and liberating.  It would be very helpful as a source for discussion and small group sharing.”  –Edith Prendergast, Director of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“When you are finished reading, you will know some of these hidden women. You will see that they are us!”  — Miriam Therese Winter, author, The Gospel According to Mary

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