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The Best of Being Catholic Review by National Federation of Priests’ Councils

By Blog Editor

The National Federation of Priests’ Councils recently reviewed Kathy Coffey’s latest book, The Best of Being Catholic, calling it “uplifting and refreshing.”    The review explains: “Coffey reminds readers of the assuring and powerful treasures and practices available in the Church, but are rarely heard about in the day-to-day bustle of post-modern life.”

The Best of Being Catholic was also recently reviewed by Coffey’s grandson:

The Best of Being Catholic

We’re not sure if he made it to this section in chapter one:

“Even Catholic toddlers learn they are God’s daughters and sons. They know themselves beloved and precious to the Great Lord of all the Universe. And that, when you weigh 37 pounds and have droopy socks, is an empowering message. Our true destination and authentic home, Catholics learn early on, isn’t only the messy, violent, unfair world where we spend a lot of time, but the “many mansions” of the Father’s house. ”

The Best of Being Catholic- A Tasty Ready!

Interested in learning more about The Best of Being Catholic?

The table of contents and first chapter are available on the publisher’s website and you can also order the book there: Orbis Books: The Best of Being Catholic.