See Kathy Speak

Kathy’s 2019 Schedule

3/30/19 Lenten Retreat Day for Christ Our Light Parish, Cherry Hill NJ,

Kathy’s Previous Talks

Editor’s note: A very small sampling of Kathy’s most recent talks and presentations is featured below. Contact Kathy to find out more about tailoring a presentation to your community.

Day of Prayer, CO Vincentian Volunteers staff, Denver

Retreat for Adorers of Precious Blood, Sisters in Dayton OH

Day of Prayer for Catechists, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN

“Feisty Gospel Women” at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps.

“Feisty Gospel Women” and “Prayer and the Arts” at the Maryknoll Mission Institute in Maryknoll, NY.
Day for Catechists, Archdiocese of St. Louis MO
North and Northwest Metro Catechist Faith Formation Day, Atlanta GA

5 responses to “See Kathy Speak

  1. Gayle Sojourner

    Do you ever get to the San Diego area? God bless you in your ministry.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding–I was actually in CA. Mostly I go to the Bay Area, since that’s where my kiddos and grandkiddos live, but a good friend lives in San Diego, and I love visiting there. Closest I’ll get will be June 1, when I speak at Loyola Marymount U. in L.A.–unless you want to arrange something? Thanks for asking, Kathy

  2. Karen Sawhcneko

    I live in the San Diego Area – Encinitas/ Carlsbad and wondering what your fee is for speaking engagements. I just read your daily meditation in This Day- an so enjoyed it – I finally looked up your website- I am part of a large women’s bible study and we frequently need speakers for our Chfristmas Luncehon in early Dec, and our end of the year luncheon at the end of May, and I am part of the altar society at my chruch–we do Morning reflections in the fall and spring-ususaly tied to Advent and Lent.
    Might you be coming out this way in 2016/2017
    Karen Sawchenko

  3. Is Kathy having any retreats in 2018?

  4. If you ever get back to St. Louis, let me know. It would be fun to see you. It has been since my Denver days since I have seen you. S. Marianne Keena is also in STL I am taking care of our peeps at Nazareth Living Center
    S.Pat Dunphy

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