Dismantling the Decorations


Box it up, put it away:

Nativity Scene, 2018.


Infant in a cage,

Magi banned from travel.

Desperate parents fleeing

murderous thugs, saving

the child’s life. While

Herod-in-Chief names them

thieves and murderers, amasses

armies to defend rampant fear.


The moral unraveling not so

easily packaged and shelved:

we tolerated this atrocity.

Still on southern borders

a child sleeps beneath aluminum foil,

wakes to the glint of sun on fence.


Kathy Coffey will speak at St. Joan’s parish in San Ramon CA 1/25. Admission free, but pre-registration required: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/fr-ray-and-st-joan-of-arc-staff-7811088537

2 responses to “Dismantling the Decorations

  1. Powerful.

  2. Love your writing. You are an inspiration.

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