Why We Marched

No, Mr. Trump, we did not march to celebrate your economic gains, as your tweet mis-defines us. But then, we’re not so crass as to vote ourselves millions in tax breaks, or hold fundraisers at our own hotels, neatly paying ourselves. If over 150,000 people in the Bay Area marched Jan. 20, there were probably as many reasons why. As one marcher lamented: “So many issues. So little sign.” Just a few:

Because no one should toy with nuclear weapons which could kill millions of people

Because a president who publicly admitted to sexual harassment is still in office, when many others, not even proven, have resigned.

Because it’s unconscionable to deny health care to poor children (CHP), endangering nearly 10 milion lives and rewarding billionaires.

Because we cherish our national parks and monuments and hate to see them destroyed or diminished

Because it’s immoral to deport 260,000 Salvadorans to one of the most violent countries on earth

Because drilling in our oceans could cause irreparable harm

Because 43% of the Nigerians you slammed come to this country with a BA degree or higher.

Because we can’t stomach racism, sexism, any other ism, or return to the 50s

Because Dreamers, Muslims and immigrants of every shade are valued as part of our national fabric

Because we’re embarrassed by the face of our country which you present to the world

Because some children are afraid that if they go to school in the morning, their parents will be deported by the time they get home

Because we believe what scientists say about global warming

This list only scratches the surface.

It’s tempting to quote the signs, succinct enough for even one who doesn’t read books. For instance: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

You probably don’t read Shakespeare, but he said: “She may be little, but she is fierce.” Stay tuned.

We’ll be marching again in November. To the polls.

One response to “Why We Marched

  1. Thanks Kathy!!!! I will share and echo this strong clear voice of yours.

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