Kathy’s First E-course Starts Nov. 14

If you cringe at shameless self-promotion, quit reading now. But if you’ve ever had the slightest titch of a problem with control issues, stay tuned…

The first e-course I’ve ever written starts Nov. 14 at the Redemptorist site, http://bit.ly/MarysLens. It’s called “Through the Lens of Mary;” the designers have made it easy to access (just create your own password) and beautiful with art.

Five sessions follow pivotal moments in Mary’s life, seeing how splendidly she trusted God when her initial, human response must have been to seize control. The sessions, which can be used individually, include self-assessment, discussion, questions for reflection, prayer prompts, and practices.

Although not specifically tied to Advent, the course would make a fine Advent practice, and can all be done at home. No driving to church in a blizzard—just make a hot cuppa and cozy up to the computer, proceeding at whatever pace you like.

There’s a minimal charge–$8, but that’s only one and a half Starbucks lattes! Do something inspiring for yourself: sign up at http://bit.ly/MarysLens.

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