Gratitude Journal, Continued

At this time of year, gratitude overflows, so more excerpts from the journal described last week:

a ruby-throated hummingbird hovering over a puffy scarlet flower

a yoga session that works out all the kinks and aches

a library notice that 3 long-awaited books have arrived

a retreat house keeping up the fine tradition of cookies to fuel the spiritual journey

cool weather following  a long hot spell

feeling like a four-year old in new tennies, able to soar over mountains!

the smell of clean laundry dried in the sun

finding my watch, my keys, my glasses, lost in “senior moments”

a fine film that gives lots to reflect on in the weeks following it

home-made bread and veggie soup warming a chilly evening

a binge on Masterpiece Theatre Sunday evening

the fragrance of an orange pomander candle

big arcs of Canadian geese in a twilight sky

snuggly sweaters on cold days

hilarious e-mails planning a family event, fun in anticipation

the help of a 94-year old friend, carrying boxes to my car in the rain

the sloppy wet kiss of a grandson

an empty lap lane at the swimming pool

a reliable car that always starts

fat buds of red poppies

a book club choosing my work, GOD IN THE MOMENT

a square of sun on the wooden bannister or floor

a hike in misty fog early on Saturday morning

fitting into tight black jeans

the lilt of an Irish brogue

seeds given out at  a young friend’s funeral, blossoming into daisies








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