Do the Math

Gospel for 9/21/14: Mt. 20:1-16

This weekend’s gospel is a good one to read when we get snippy about how much we’ve done for others, overlooking how much God has done for us. Before we get our hackles up over the rampant injustice of paying the Johnny-Come-Latelys the same as those who sweated in the sun all day, let’s reconsider.

While we may think we’ve done great things for God, we may need a little remedial arithmetic too. How could we put a price on our health, our faith, the simple accidents of our birth? Even those who may not have had ideal circumstances can still point to other blessings: a safe and beautiful world, a caring teacher or social worker, friends, inborn gifts. What about God’s continued care, a steady stream of goodness even in the worst situation? As we reflect on our blessings we may find ourselves in the position of someone who paid out $100, but who inherited billions. What’s the right response? Gratitude.

2 responses to “Do the Math

  1. Brief, but definitely to the point. I never looked at this gospel in quite this way. Thank you.

  2. I always say that we should count the yards we gained before we count the yards we lost. There are always valid and positive lessons learned in this easy and evaluative exercise….Why and how did you gain and what went wrong when you lost yards? Lessons are always learned whether you gain or lose and these are gifts.

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