The Best of Being Catholic Reviewed in Spirit & Life

Best of Being Catholic

By Blog Editor

Kathy Coffey’s latest book, The Best of Being Catholic, was recently reviewed by Spirit & Life Magazine  by Mary S. Sheridan.  She explains that while Catholics have heard much bad news over the past year, “Kathy Coffey tells the “light” and “hope,” through an eclectic mix of reflections, stories (her own and those of others), facts, and information—all positive—about the Catholic Church today.”

Sheridan concludes that given the book’s focus on Catholic culture, it would be appropriate for new or inquiring Catholics, “But its real value, in my opinion, is in reminding discouraged Catholics that there is more to the Church than problems.”

To read the full review, visit this link: Spirit & Life, Book Reviews, (March/April 2013)

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