Best of Being Catholic Reviewed in “Hark” Blog

By Blog Editor

John Kane recently reviewed Kathy Coffey’s latest book, The Best of Being Catholic, in the Hark blog, which is housed at the Denver Post.

Kane begins with a disclosure that he has worked together with Kathy Coffey for a number of years.  He explains that like Coffey, he was also a little bit worried about the topic of the book, worried that it might be “just another counterbalancing catalog, some long list of “good things?”

Instead, Kane explains that the book is “realistic, critical at times, reflective, suggestive-with the good poet’s eye for endless detail and concreteness, but the good writer’s ability to move things even while reaching deep and wide.”

Kane continues: “Reading made me think of a group of friends meeting over wine or beer, telling stories, sharing memories (quirky and even strange), yet all in atmosphere of deep affection for things really good.”

To read his full review, visit the Hark blog on the Denver Post website: “‘The Best of Being Catholic’ a good gift for discouraged members at Christmas”

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